Looking for Education Planning Royal Oak MI?

Beth Marshall, President

APS is a truly independent Education Planning Royal Oak MI consulting firm. What does this mean for you? It means:
  • You won't have to buy into proprietary products.
  • There is no corporate-dictated "preferred products" list.
  • We don't hold stocks or bonds in inventory to sell down the road.
  • We have no quota for selling a particular security.
We are free to analyze your needs, structure your portfolio and develop financial solutions that meet your best interests — now and in the future.
Please look around our site and enjoy your visit! Please contact us if you want more information or if you want to arrange a Education Planning Royal Oak MI meeting. Let's marshall your resources!  If your looking for Education Planning Royal Oak MI you are at the right place.
Beth's role as a Education Planning coach is to train, instruct and expand her client's ability to take action. She provides a system for reaching lifelong Education Planning goals, and takes time to personally educate her clients on Education Planning Royal Oak MI. Her clients feel comfortable, confident and in control of their Education Planning decisions.

As a truly independent Education Planning consultant, Beth is able to custom fit her clients with a wide variety of Education Planning solutions for their particular needs, without having to conform to what a large corporation might dictate. She does not have to fit a square peg into a round hole to "force" an investment fit that may not be in the best interest of her Education Planning Royal Oak MI clients.

Unlike a menu-driven Corporate America, Royal Oak MI phone calls go directly to her desk or her personal assistant, rather than through myriad option menus that are confusing and waste time. Beth's promise is to personally return every client's Education Planning call within 24 hours if not sooner.