Who Our Clients Are

The Disenchanted

Some clients come to me having been alienated by the financial industry or are simply tired of being a do-it-yourselfer. Through meticulous planning and flexible implementation, I offer painless (even pleasant) ways for clients to take care of the things they want or need to, but might otherwise procrastinate or avoid entirely.
My clients are capable, intelligent investors who are interested in increasing their education. They understand the difference between financial planning and investing, and recognize the distinction between the market being down and the achievement of their long-term goals.

Retired & Soon-To-Be Retired

Another group of clients I work with is the “retired or nearing retirement” demographic. Typically 5-7 years on either side of retiring, these clients realize the many important financial decisions that need to be made, many of which are irreversible. This stage in life is so critical, that I find I can have some of the most positive impact on your finances during this period. They are ready to pursue the next stage of life, whether that be traveling, educating their grandchildren, pursuing another career, or setting aside more time to spend with their family or community. All of them are looking to create a stream of income from hard earned savings.


She might be a professional, a business owner or a single mom…She might be a university professor or teacher, pilot or flight attendant, automotive executive or office manager… She could be a ballroom dancer, an athlete or a devoted churchgoer.
She may also be divorced, or facing a divorce. Divorce can be devastating emotionally and can cripple you financially, even when both parties agree. The division of assets, including house, property, money, retirement funds, everything that has worth, can be one of the most difficult times in your life. Your entire financial future may be determined by the asset and liability division you agree to. I can help avoid the mistakes born out of the emotions of divorce. The more you understand the easier those difficult financial decisions become. We’ll take into account your present as well as projected future financial needs.
The one trait common among many of my clients is that they are people helping people. They may view themselves as service-oriented people who are not solely motivated by finances. They may be business owners contributing to the economic development of our community. Often, they are faced with financing their retirement, taking care of children and possibly aging parents all at the same time. In addition, they may wish to make a positive and lasting impact with their wealth on their family, friends and community.
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